Thanks to everyone who submitted! The finalists for the inaugural Real Good Poem Prize are below:

“Portrait of the Alcoholic with Moths and River” by Kaveh Akbar
“Self Portrait as Surrealist in Mexico (2015)” by Stacey Balkun
“Exodus” by Robin Becker
“Art Oops” by T. De Los Reyes
“Drag” by Torrin Greathouse
“Wrecked at the Gate” by Chris Hayes
“The Minuses” Jami Macarty
“Female Peshmerga in Two Parts” by Holly Mason
“Portrait of My Dad Through a Tent Window” by Danni Quintos
“Cow Bones” by Erin Slaughter

These poems were chosen by members of the 2016 Gauntlet Poetry Workshop, who read them (as) blind (as possible).* The winner will be announced in early August.

* Like we said in our submission guidelines, pure blindness is a myth in any contest at any journal. However, we tried to preserve anonymity as best we could by giving the Gauntlet members poems with titles only.

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